Many of the dissemination activities can be found on our Facebook page. Next we highlight some of them, giving the links when possible.

A.- Dissemination on our respective educational communities.

(It means dissemination in our nearest environment: Students, families, colleagues and also to teachers or stakeholders in our town or region, trough teachers meetings, local courses or others casual encounters).

  1. September 2017 and 2018. The project was informed to families in the start of the year meeting in Jaén and Burgos. Similar information was released in the other partners schools.
  2. September 2017 and 2018: Burgos inform to its families in the newsletter of the school
  3. December 2017: Slovenian partner made a presentation to teachers of her school. 
  4. The school coordinator organized a Congerence to celebrate the trajectory making international programs (February, 2019).

I Jornada de internacionalización Somos Erasmus + #RedCentrosIt #PedroPovedaJaén

Publicada por Colegio Pedro Poveda de Jaén en Viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

I Jornada de internacionalización. Somos Erasmus+ #PedroPovedaJaén #RedCentrosIt

Publicada por Colegio Pedro Poveda de Jaén en Jueves, 14 de febrero de 2019

B.- Publications on local media.

  1. I briefly talked about our E+ project in the Newspaper: (digital version)

  • Stelier for Steam conference in Jaén April 2018.

C.- Presentations in conferences or congress.

  1. November 2017: The project is showed in a course about STEAM in Zamora (Spain) by the partner from Burgos (Miguel Ángel Queiruga).
  2. Talk in Bilbao (non-formal education). The Burgos partner, Miguel angel Queiruga  was invited by Innobasque, in the program:

The presentation was:

  • Article by Miguel Ángel in “Hands on Science” conference López-Redondo, M., Queiruga-Dios, M.A., Sáiz-Manzanares, M.C. y Juez-Navarro, S. (2018). Citizen Science in School.International Conference on Hands on Science. Barcelona. 

The book:

  • Article by Miguel Ángel in SIEC2018.

Queiruga-Dios, M. A., Juez-Navarro, S., Collado-Cabeza, S. y Sáiz-Manzanares, M. C. (2018). Mobile Learning: análisis y reflexión. Una propuesta de implementación en el aula. IV Simposio Internacional de Enseñanza de las Ciencias (IV SIEC). Universidad de Vigo. (Pontevedra).

La web del congreso es:

  • Burgos Physics Conference: 3 posters
  • Scientix National Conference. (February 2019)

The Project was presented by the coordinator Daniel Aguirre

  • Bienal of Physics (July 2019)

Nuestro coordinador de proyectos internacionales Daniel Aguirre está en la presentación de nuestro Erasmus🔭🔬 en la bienal de⚗️📊 Física👨‍🏫.#RedCentrosIt #PedroPovedaJaén

Publicada por Colegio Pedro Poveda de Jaén en Martes, 16 de julio de 2019

D.- Publications (some of them are derived from the conferences).

  1. November 2017: The Spanish Royal Society of Physics (RSEF) speaks about our project in its newsletter of GRUPO ESPECIALIZADO DE ENSEÑANZA DE LA FÍSICA (GEEF) (page 7).
  2. Journal Hekademos.
  • La formación del profesorado a través del programa Erasmus+ ATELIER for STE(A)M. Jornadas de Enseñanza de la Física. RSEF. Burgos.
  • Citizen Science in School. Hands-on Science. Advancing Science. Improving Education. Barcelona 2018.
  • Transformar el aula en un escenario de aprendizaje significativo. Revista Hekademos. 2018.

E.- Online dissemination (including social nets)

Three main focus have developed for online dissemination:

The website (, where we highlight the election of a name with an European Domain: .eu and we have uploaded most of the resources generated, pictures of the project, dissemination done and other interesting aspects of the project.

The facebook page, to upload the last news and disseminate other STEAM activities: This page is also a mirror of other interesting activities related with the topic of our Project.

The twitter user: @ATELIER_STEAM, where stakeholders can follow our results, meetings and activities.

You can download a report about the use of our social nets here.

 Other websites:

Tha activities we have done in the framework of this Project generated other websites where some activities where explained or where the students had the opportunity to publish their Works. For example, the next ones:

Apolo XXI:

Physics and Scoccer: cited by Science on Stage

And the news:

MEMP experiments:


The Project got “mención de honor” in the contest “esdelibro”

More citizen Science: OdourCollect (see resources)

F. Other collaborations

  1. Inscription in the STEM Discovery week 2018 and 2019, as a partner: