Odour Collect

Citizen Science to analyze the odour of different parts in out town or place of living.

Download the scenario

Download the complementary material (This material is in Spanish)


A lot of activities related with water from different points of view.

Download the scenario

Download the publication with all the activities done

Apollo 21

Live again the story of Apollo 11, 50 years after.

Revise everything in the blog of the project:

Apollo 21 blog

Download the scenario

Electric current

A scenario about the use of simulations to play and learn about electric current.

Download the scenario

Ice inquiry

An interesting inquiry about temperature of ice.

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Grandma’s soaps

Good ideas to recover the soap of our grandmothers

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The Periodic Table of Elements

Working cooperatively the Periodic Table with an app.

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It’s Kazik’s birthday

Playing with Augmented Reality to celebrate a birthday. Focused on 11 years old.

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Computer cooling

Computer cooling scenario

And a ppt presentation of this scenario:


More scenarios about water

Two interesting scenarios about the water in North and South America and another one about how would be the life without water.

Also we suggest to visit our photo gallery (Poland) where you can discover interesting pictures about our aquarium and the process to create it.

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