Slovene poetry

Work about poetry we did during our meeting in the project

Download the scenario




Interesting scenario about beeswax.


Support material

Slovene lesson

This scenerario is a proposal to teach some basic aspects of this language.

Download the scenario



Using an aerometer to measure densities

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And a student sheet

Bringers of light FROM THE STAR OF SIRIUS A

Chemical experiments through a story.

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Physics and Soccer

Soccer has a lot of to offer in our Physics lessons.

Here we bring a publication where we can develop several activities related with this sport and with this Science.

Download the scenario

Download the book: Physics and Soccer

Introduction to robotics

Download scenario

The Pharaoh’s Snake

Amazing and easy chemical experiment.

Download the scenario

And a presentation about it.

Water lesson

Different aspects of water, words connected with water, problems connected with water, awareness of water as a global issue.

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The water cycle

Interesting scenario for 9 years old students.

Download here

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